What you find in the journey, is much more than the destination

Exactly five years ago today, I wanted to go from the location of my one-month summer job in Alicante (Spain) to join my family on holiday in Olhão, the most southern point of Portugal.

Adélaïde and her Dad, whom I met during the summer job, offered to take me (and my big luggage) along to her grandparent’s house in Ferreira do Zêzere in Portugal and it was an unbelievable road trip. I was so lucky to be in their company while seeing the beautiful landscapes passing by the car window. Adélaïde told me how her Dad from Morocco had met her Mom from Portugal and how they had ended up living in France. During the summer, they visited their families in Morocco and Portugal.

Once arrived, Adélaïde then invited me to stay the night at the house and join them for a sardines barbecue. Having a big heart for other people was clearly a family trait and the dinner together was wonderful!

After a breakfast with a deliciously fresh bom maridos (“good husbands”) and pastéis de nata (must-try Portuguese delicacies), they dropped me off at the train station where I took the train to Faro to continue my road to the south.

On the train, I met two overly-enthusiastic guys. Pedro and Gonçalo explained me that they were coming back from a festival yet while sunburnt and tired, they were still in a party mood. As we passed by the town of Virtudes (“virtues”), they offered me a liquor drink with strawberries (from a 5 liter bottle!) and asked me to take a crazy picture of them. Pedro and Gonçalo were telling me hilarious stories of their adventurous at the festival and before I knew it, the train arrived and it was time to say goodbye to my newly made friends.

At first I thought is was a really crazy idea to go from Alicante in Spain, all the way up to Ferreira do Zêzere in Portugal to then go south again to Olhão but this trip and the people I met were totally worth the adventure!

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