Changemakers: Thumbs up for Hitchfest and Social Impact Trips!

Have you ever camped outside, sleeping in a tree house, in a yurt or in a tent)? It’s a million stars hotel!

The first weekend of August, I will be going to Hitchfest, a festival in Portugal that brings together backpackers, hitchhikers and anyone who wants to join this unique experience. We will be camping in a forest close to the Sousa river by Lousada and this will be a free space to share about travel, self-discovery, activism and ecology. My tent and sleeping back are packed in my backpack and I will hitchhike from Porta to Lousada. I can’t wait to go on this adventure!

One of the co-organisers of the Hitchfest festival is Ana Rita. I met her at a conference for young changemakers, the Global Festival of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations and she told me about her projects that bring people together.

Ana Rita posing convincingly with my favourite tote bag.

Another remarkable young changemaker I met at the UN conference and who is also joining Hitchfest is Catarina. She saved for a long time to go on a trip to India. Under the name Social Impact Trips, she made a route through India that will take the participants along 10 villages/towns and 8 projects that show which social entrepreneurship initiatives already exist.

The focus of 8 projects that are included in the trip is very diverse: omen empowerment, education for transformation, ecology and sustainable livelihoods, development of structures for people with special needs, health in rural communities… You will surely get inspired visiting India with local guides and meeting social entrepreneurs that are working towards positive changes in society!

Catarina spreading happiness and love at the festival

On the long train ride home from the conference in Bonn to Brussels, I was thinking about all the inspiring people I had met (including Ishara, whose story I share in this blog post), and the encounters made me wonder what my contribution to connecting people could be. I couldn’t really think of a project, but while I was writing keywords in my notebook on the train, I came up with the idea that I could possibly make a contribution to this planet under the stars by sharing other people’s projects. And then I decided that maybe I should try telling changemakers’ stories, which sparked this blog “The World We All Share”.

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