The Road Trip Project & The Postcard Promise

I still don’t know how I overcame my self-doubts 🙂 but I challenged myself to do something I thought I would never dare to do: participating as a copywriter in a contest to win a Road Trip around Europe.

You can vote for me before 28 July at midnight via:

The idea of the Road Trip Project is that 4 young Europeans, a photographer, a video maker, a presenter and a copywriter, drive a mini-van through Europe to discover all the diverse and unique people and places.

All videos, photographs and stories will be shared on the Road Trip Project’s website, where you can then find a lot of inspiration for your next Europe trip destination.

If you would like to read my stories during the Road Trip Project and vote for me, I will be eternally grateful for your support! I will send a postcard from the road to every single person who gives me a vote, as a heartfelt

“Thank you!”

Nanou (alias Anouk)

P.S. Just send me an e-mail with your address and a postcard will come your way 🙂

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