Getting lost on the Road to Adventure

A road trip illustrates for me that the journey to get to your destination is an essential part of it. With my family, we used to pack the car so full that the sleeping bags and tent almost blocked the view of the rear window. That meant we were completely ready for an old-school road trip without GPS navigation or pre-made reservations. Just a road map and a camping guide led us to an adventurous journey for which we had a kind of destination but how we would get there was yet to be explored. We often impulsively decided by reading the guide on the way or by asking locals in a bar where we could discover the next treasure on our trip. And sometimes reality is more surreal and fantastic than dreams. This is what makes that life can be, if you decide to look at it that way, always an adventure.

Countless times, we arrived long past midnight at a campsite because we had spent all afternoon at an archaeological site or a national park and in our enthusiasm, we forgot all about time and distance. It’s quite charming to set up your tent in the complete dark with a blanket of infinite sky and stars above your head. And only in the morning you find out that your tent is next to a meadow with cows...

A road trip is the ultimate way to interact with local people, which often happens when you get lost once more, and to really feel part of the environment around you. Getting lost is finding yourself. Discovering the world beyond what you know is becoming an adventurer at heart.

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